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Description: Create your own beautiful watergarden using these waterbowls.

These waterbowls are ideally suited for courtyards, balconies or paved areas.

They are Australian Made, lightweight (polymer resin) yet very strong. The size is 75cm across and 35cm deep.

They come in 5 colours - Millstone, Granite, Wheat, Torres Blue, Terracotta

They have an optional galvanised steel stand in either black or silver.

They come in kit form complete with all aquatic plants to create a balanced ecology.

Exclusive to Austral Watergardens the kit includes:-

From the Nursery
Waterlily (your choice of colour)
Tall Marginal plant
Flowering Aquatic plant
Submerged aquatic plant
Water Conditioner
Fish food
Cold water fish
Water snails

TOTAL KIT = $375

Individual breakdown:
Waterbowl = $195
Stand = $80
Waterplants etc. = $100

Able to send Mail Order through Australia Post (minus the fish $20 off postage)